The Student Investment Fund
at the California Institute of Technology

Club Disbursements

Each year, SIF takes application from Caltech-affiliated clubs and organizations for funding requests. We require that these requests are for one-time capital expenditures and do not reflect the year-to-year operation of the club. Depending on the volume of applications received, up to 4% of the portfolio is taken out and returned to the Caltech community. While this decreases the returns of our fund, we feel as though this is keeping with the intentions of the original founders of the club. Aside from this, no other payouts are withdrawn from the portfolio so we may compound our working capital over time.

Applications are released in mid to late April, and decisions are made by the board by the beginning of June. The details on what we are likely to approve can be found in our application directions. Do not hesitate to email us for clarification on the types of projects we fund.

Funded Projects 2014

  • Badminton Club
        Equipment for tournaments.
  • Ballet Club
        Ballet bars for the gym.
  • Chinese Club
        Recreational and hiking equipment.
  • Caltech Christian Fellowship
        Permanent songbooks and a piano keyboard.
  • Chamber Music
        Partial funding of a new piano for the music house.
  • Dhamka
        Tumbling mats and speaker system.
  • Innoworks
        Assorted glassware and safety equipment.
  • Nerf Club
        Chronograph to monitor modification speeds for safety.
  • Out of Context
        Sound board.
  • Photography Club
        Camera, lens, and accesories.
  • Robogals
        Laptop computers and cases for use in outreach activities.
  • SAAC
        A refrigerator for public use.

  • Funded Projects 2013

  • InnoWorks
        Funds to purchase LEGO Mindstorm kits for summer camps.
  • Interaxon
        Materials for neuroscience outreach program.
  • IEEE
        Thermal book binder for resume books.
  • Karate Club
        Storage shed to safely store equipment.
  • Strong Ale Club
        Brewing equipment and instructional books (no alcohol).

  • Funded Projects 2012

  • Out of Context
        HD Camcorder for taping concerts.
  • Badminton Club
        Racket restringing machine and bulk badminton racket string.
  • eClub
        Wireless microphone system and various entrepreneurship books.
  • Hong Kong Student Association
        Two Mahjong sets and Chinese egg waffle iron.
  • InnoWorks
        General captital to purchase and develop curriculum materials.
  • Paddling Club
        One kayak and its associated safety gear.
  • Robogals
        Two LEGO robotics kits for instructional purposes.
  • Photography Club
        Canon 16-35mm wide-angle lens and backdrop stand.
  • Table Tennis Club
        Set of six instructional DVDs.
    • Updated 4/15/2015 by Caroline Werlang