In following with our mission to promote learning in the Caltech community, every year the Caltech Student Investment Fund makes available a large pool of capital, consisting of up to 4% of our holdings, to Caltech affiliated clubs and organizations through our Disbursement program. Any Caltech affiliated club or organization with funding needs may request a disbursement from the Fund, so long as it meets the following guidelines.

  • The organization must be self-sustaining and open to the entire Caltech community.
  • We are not in a position to provide funding for clubs that are otherwise unable to sustain their spending. In addition, we believe that it would not be fitting with the goals of the Fund to provide funding for clubs that are not open to all those who may be interested in its cause.
  • The organization must have an active membership, and have a well-defined mission.
  • In order to most effectively provide for the needs of our members throughout Caltech, we will only consider requests from organizations that can demonstrate they are actively providing a real service desired by the Caltech community.
  • The request must be for a one-time expense, and should not be for expenditures that should be purchased using the organization's resources.
  • Because we wish to provide the greatest benefit for the Caltech community with our limited resources, we do not wish to become the sole source of funding for a yearly activity or expenditure undertaken by a club. For the same reason we do not wish to replace the need for clubs to collect membership fees or seek funding from other resources to provide services for its members.

    As long as the club or organization meets these requirements (described in further detail on the application form) we are more than happy to consider disbursement requests of any amount. If you wish to apply for a disbursement for your club, you can apply by filling out the following Disbursement Application Form. The application process for the 2020-21 academic year have not yet been finalized, and the above requirements may change prior to the application period for the 2020-21 academic year.

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