The holdings of the Student Investment Fund have grown significantly over time, from 2500 shares of $0.75 stock in 1978 to approximately $900,000 in cash and investments as of Q3 2020. The fraction of our portfolio held in liquid assets varies depending on the perceived volatility of the market, apparent investment opportunities, and the perceived need to allow room for new investment. The Fund focuses on investment in companies where both short- and long-term growth are expected, and the Fund is not allowed to short and trade options due to the risk associated with these intruments.

Our investments tend to consist primarily of stock holdings, and due to the relative availability of information we like to invest primarily in large and mid cap companies. In line with the expertise of the Caltech community in technology and innovative research, we invest heavily in the Tech and Biomedical sectors. The remainder of our portfolio is invested in a variety of sectors and industries, in an effort to create a well balanced and diversified portfolio. While we do not publish our exact holdings, more information is available to members of the Caltech community upon request.


In an effort to further the learning experience provided by the Student Investment Fund, we have recently started exploring the world of Quantitative Finance. We view this field as an opportunity to capitalize on Caltech's expertise in technology and computation, and demonstrate to members of the Caltech community the applications of these skills in the financial sector. While the Fund does not yet use Quantitative strategies into the management of the fund, we hope to incorporate them in the future.

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